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SWe repairmarter Choices for Savings, Efficiency, Safety and Comfort


  • Installation and service of the full line of superior quality residential furnaces
  • A step up in design, technology and efficiency, saving you money as well as headaches
  • Choose from varied efficiency levels and fuel types, including natural gas, oil and propane
  • Reduce energy dollars with a high-efficiency furnace that is ENERGY STAR – qualified
  • For more information on the credits and rebates availableclick here


  • Ask us about our recommended boilers, delivering the best combination of gas heating and energy efficiency
  • New or retrofit boilers with up to 95% efficiency
  • Get more comfortable, even heat using far less fuel than conventional high-temperature systems
  • Many ENERGY STAR – qualified models

Hybrid Heating/Heat Pumps

  • Hybrid heat combines a gas furnace with an electric heat pump – a dual fuel system
  • System automatically selects the most energy-efficient heat source, depending on outdoor temperature
  • Also provides efficient, whole-house air conditioning to create an efficient, year-round comfort solution
  • Heat pumps and hybrid heating are even smarter choices in areas with lower electrical rates, such as Fairport/Perinton and Spencerport

Geothermal Heat Pumps

  • Utilize the earth’s ability to store heat and turn it into significant fuel savings
  • Extremely energy efficient systems can reduce the cost of heating, cooling and hot water expenses to $100 per month for a 2,000 square-foot home
  • No noise concerns or outdoor condensing units
  • As energy costs rise, you’ll save even more while your payback time decreases

Zoned Heating

  • Help balance heating and cooling in two-level homes, eliminating too-hot or too-cold bedrooms
  • Even out temperature differences in various areas of your home with the Arzel Zoning System
  • Achieve greater comfort and save money through smarter energy use and only heating specific rooms you use
  • Provides separate “controllability” for heating and air conditioning area-by-area in your home
  • Easy to add to any existing system, no wires to run thanks to wireless control
  • We Repair, Replace, and Maintain Every Make & ModelGreat Choices to Keep You Cool When Summer Heats UpCentral AirHigh efficiency cooling to keep your entire home comfortable during the summer monthsExpert installation, service and maintenance by Isaac’s experienced, NATE-certified technicians who deal with New York and Syracuse air conditioning on a daily basis.Many Energy Star-certified choicesDuctless Zones Air ConditioningCool only the area you want to be comfortable during the summer and save moneyPerfect for new additions, finished basements, sunrooms, bedrooms and other rooms or homes with hot water heatRemarkably quiet and extremely energy efficientFast, easy installation by our experts with AC in Rochester. It also comes with a handy remote controlSmall Ducted High-Velocity Air ConditioningPerfect for homes with limited space for ductwork or homes with hot water heatOne third the size of standard ducted air conditioningModular components for assembly and installation in small crawl spaces or atticsExcellent energy efficiency with quiet operation